Friday, September 30, 2011

A review

Amelia's Boredom Survival Guide
by Marissa Moss

Ages 7-10
Pages:  not numbered
Genre:  activity

  This book has a lot of activities that you can do.  One is you can create your own alphabet.  You can also make your own deck of cards.  There are also questions to answer.  The book looks like someones journal, written on lined paper with drawings.  This is based on the Ameila Series of books.

   I love this book.  There are a lot of fun activities. 
  Get this book.
- C Girl, age 9

A Review

Oliver Twist
by: Charles Dickens
Illustrated Classic Editions

Level: 4th grade
Pages: 238
Genre: Classics

   Oliver was an orphan.  He spent time in a work house and an orphanage.  He was not treated well at the orphanage.  They didn't feed him enough.  Oliver got hit by a club and shot by a pistol. He was 9 years old.  He was reunited with his aunt.  Rose is a friend of his, ad she married a man named Harry.

   Oliver Twist is a sad book.  But it has a happy ending. I kind-of liked it.  I didn't like how Oliver was treated.  I think other 7 and 8 year olds would like the book.

- Z Girl, age 7.